The Gentrification of Pony Sue

For those of you who do not know, Pony Sue is a mini horse gelding who is 10-years-old, stands 36″ high at his shoulder, and thinks that he is 10 foot tall!  Pony Sue came to us as a “pony” for Miss L.  Pony Sue is said to have been ridden, and certainly is a friendly sort of fellow, but he is true to his name sometimes in that he has no fear and tends to think he has to push his way around a herd of horses and humans.

To make the fabulous Pony Sue safe for Miss L, I am formally beginning his training today.

Lord help me.

No really – go back to the part about Pony Sue and his 10-foot-tall attitude.  🙂

I have been blessed to have trained many horses in my life, none of which were as tiny size and large in ego as this little guy.  I have not, however, ever explained the process as it occurred.  This time, I have decided to bring you all along for the journey of the gentrification of Pony Sue.  Enjoy!


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