Things That Make Me Happy

  • Watching leaves and bits of grass dance on the wind, whirling around and glistening in the sun like some dancing spirit.
  • The shape of a big, stocky horse butt.  Who am I kidding?  ANY part of a horse.
  • Watching birds in the trees without them realizing I’m watching them.
  • Seeing a baby doe run across the field, stop, and look at me just as bold as brass knowing I’m standing right there; she reaches down to eat grass like I’m part of her safe world.  I am.
  • Looking out into the pasture to see my pregnant mare, Kat, roll – or try to roll.  Preposterous.  She loved it; so did I.
  • Seeing cats curled up together.  It makes me wish I were tiny so I could curl right up with them.
  • Dogs running.  Anywhere.  Anytime.  Even better if there’s some degree of tongue lolling happening.
  • Over single one of Ree Drummond (The Pioneer Woman’s) shows.  Pure joy.  If I saw her, I’d probably hug her and she’d think I was a weird stalker.
  • Family; who knew that with so little of them left I’d be taken under the wings of other families. 
  • Friends; no matter how nutty or random I am, no matter if I’m having a bad day or great one, true friends make life a complete joy.  I could do another 47 years with you all.

What makes you happy?


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