Poooor PonySue

Well I have to apologize for not posting for a bit.  PonySue got a good taste of “Why You Don’t Mess with Hormonal Mares 101” and got the ever loving stuffing stomped out of him – and his pride.

Frankly, fear not – the latter was hurt worst.  Here’s the short tale of what happened:

Center stage: cute fat little mini-horse grazing with now-pretty-darn-fat pregnant paint horse mare.  Fat dumping decides he’s going to play with a soccer ball, located on the other side of the fence.  Owner walks out and sees the chubby one reaching through the fence to get the soccer ball.

I mean, how cute is that?  Of course I had to call Chris out to see.

By the time Chris got there, Kat (aforementioned preggers mare) had walked up to see what was happening.  Unfortunately, PonySue had no intentions of sharing the soccer ball and did his trademarked 100-kicks-a-minute move while walking backwards at her.

Having been the recipient of that move – I know exactly what she got mad and decided that she had enough.  She took after him and kicked him a good resounding hit on his side.  He was fine, walking off (quickly – note) so I turned around to tell Chris what he had missed with the soccer ball.

When I turn around, I saw Kat on TOP of PonySue (who was on his back fighting for his life) just giving him everything she had with every hoof and with her mouth.  Wow!

After screaming like a teenaged girl in a 50s horror film, I ran towards them but the fight had broken up and PonySue was trotting off. Kat was going to go for more, but Mighty Jo walked in between them and gave Kat the proverbial “stink eye” which said “do it, and you have to go through me”. 

Needless to say he was sore.  Stranger yet, his attitude just hasn’t really bounced back.  I wanted to make sure that he gets good and healed up before I start asking anything of him, which should be this coming week or two.  He was NOT a happy boy, but it seems like his ego is intact and back in action so there should be more PonySue tales coming up.

In the mean time, Kat is out for her pregnancy except for some groundwork which I will be glad to share when it occurs.

However, it looks like we’ll have a new pretty face around here soon – a certain Flash (who in my mind has already earned at least a half dozen dorky nicknames which to protect what little dignity I have left I’ll just keep to myself thank you) will be joining us here shortly.

Flash is a 5-year-old sorrel gelding, Investor and Impressive bloodlines on top – Two Eyed Jack from a gorgeous buckskin mare on the bottom.  He’s unregistered but for what I think he’ll do papers won’t be necessary.  This is a stout 15 hh horse that I think can go in just about any direction he or I want: roping, reining are a definite “yes”, perhaps a little cutting (which The Investor actually was a point and NCHA money earner; not just a pretty face).  He could well be a poles horse, maybe barrels.  Definitely we’ll be taking a look at making him an all-around SHOT type stock horse. This could be exciting.  He’s too smart for his own good which will definitely make it fun for me.  Barely green broke, he’s had a rider but not a lot of work – just a lot of love and groceries from  his previous family.  So now we’ll be welcoming him here into our family – and onto the blog.

More later – including pictures of the new boy in town.


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