Desensitization with a Buddy.

After a brief bonding session with Pony Sue rather than a lesson, and a really good lesson with Kat today (which will show up this week as a post), I decided to push my luck and also work on Dante’s ground manners.  He’s a sensitive horse, a bit flighty and headshy, but generally wants to have peace and understanding.  (Don’t we all?)

I grabbed up Dante, my training stick, the halter and long lead and went out into the pasture for some relaxing assessment of his status.  First I decided to do some desensitization with the training stick aka carrot stick because I wanted to make sure that when I unfurled it, that he wasn’t going to climb up me like a cat climbs up a tree.

I went ahead and started to desensitize him, but Kat – the mare – had such a good lesson that I suppose she wanted yet another.  So she came over and stood beside him while I was working.  Fair enough.

As I was tossing the stick’s string over him, it kept hitting her.  That is when I realized what a great opportunity this was.  Kat was modeling how NON-monsterous the training stick was for Dante!  I was so tickled that I went ahead and made this video.  Forgive its quality – I made it on my phone which I keep now for safety when out working horses alone.  I think you can see that the horses were easily desensitized.  🙂



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